About Us


Two best friends who teamed up to make their fashion dream a reality!

Kateri is a small Melbourne label founded by duo, Ruby Farley-Steere and Dana Fary. Kateri the label strives to create free moving womenswear garments that are ethically made for the modern-day minimalist, with consideration for carefully designed menswear to be added in the future. Locally produced by the talented Vanessa Gullone alongside her small yet amazing team in a studio in Heidelberg. We are proud to call our label Australian made, with all our pieces made here in Melbourne to ensure premium product quality. Transparency, care and consideration are all at the core of our ethos. We hope you love our garments as much as we do and understand that a great deal of love and labour has gone into every individual piece. Our collection is an ode to the small slow fashion industry that still exists, and we hope our pieces are sartorial staples in your wardrobes, cherished for years to come.
Ruby, 23 years of age, has completed her studies in Fashion Design and Technology at RMIT University, Melbourne. During this two year course, Ruby expanded her knowledge through internships with renowned companies such as Zimmerman, and FME Apparel; a local Melbourne brand. Ruby then worked as a leading Studio Assistant at Pool Wear Melbourne, as well as, Design/Studio Assistant for Linda Britten. Ruby is thankful for Dana’s support with her love for Fashion and is so grateful they have been able to intertwine their love for Fashion and Business to create their very own brand together.
Dana, 24 years of age, has almost completed her Primary School Teaching Degree, and has been working as a teacher’s aide at a Regional Primary School for five years. During COVID-19, Dana was inspired to try something new and follow one of her other passions; Business, and join Ruby on her Fashion venture. She is extremely excited and eager to be able to work alongside her best friend and begin this journey together.