Kateri Story


“I don’t think of a clientele when designing, I think of my family, friends, those who I admire and what gives them honest beauty. Designing pieces that are inspired by the space around me is all a part of the creative process".

- Founder, Ruby Farley-Steere

About Kateri

Kateri was born with a desire to slow down fast fashion by designing made-to-order pieces. Launched in 2020, the brand's ethos is to create timeless garments for your wardrobe using deadstock fabrics, seconds and trims in Melbourne.

All apparel is drafted, cut, sewn and packaged by Ruby in Melbourne, ensuring every piece embeds thoughtful and quality craftsmanship.

Designer Ruby Farley-Steere has had extensive experience interning and working for Zimmerman, FME Apparel, Pool Wear Melbourne and Linda Britten, assisting Kateri in forming a signature style thoughtfully designed to make people feel beautiful. Whether a loud print, a billowing sleeve or a textural silhouette, Kateri is passionate about making people feel confident in their skin. A constant source of inspiration is from the people she admires and what gives them beauty.

Whilst there is no set collection, Kateri keeps all styles seasonal with intentionally small drops, housing designs made to co-exist all year round. Kateri believes this encourages the wearer to be conscious when buying investment pieces.

At the heart of Kateri lays the ode to the spaces around her, a constant source of inspiration through colour, shapes and architecture, the foundation for many designs new and emerging.

                                                                                                Words by Molly Smith.



Ruby is the wearer of all hats. This includes pattern making, grading, cutting, sewing and packaging all by Ruby herself, consciously keeping our environment in mind, making only what's needed. The only downfall at times, is certain pieces are limited until the material is finished.


At Kateri, we strive to be transparent and honest in all that we do. Please read the price breakdown for each garment in the description.


To align with our ethos, Kateri produces garments using deadstock fabrics, trims and surplus materials.


Transparency in sustainable practices is important to us. We are always opting for ways to improve our small business and its environmental impact. Sourcing second-hand fabrics, and trims and keeping Kateri made to order models is our effort to keep our footprint minimal.


Kateri aims to release two collections annually, with a goal for smaller limited-edition collections throughout the year. All pieces are designed with consideration to be either stand-alone staples or addition to your slow fashion wardrobes.