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Sunday the 18th April 2021 - Shoot Day!
We began the day setting up and preparing our beautiful scene for the shoot; located along one of the most stunning and pristine beaches in Port Fairy in an amazing Beachside Villa.  Our models arrived with smiles on their faces, ready for the day. Liam, one of our male models, started off the day with some of the product shots for our genderless shirts whilst the girls were pampered, getting their hair and makeup done. Ruby and Dana then continued to style each garment on our models Maddy and Nina, who looked absolutely incredible in every piece and did all our garments so much justice. Jasmine, our amazing photographer, led the day, directing the models and making them feel as comfortable as ever and capturing some of the most beautiful shots. We were lucky enough to shoot with some amazing props; Sculptures by Emily Bickerton (@emlybcktn), whose products are available on our website as well as delicate jewellery by Claire Ren (@clairerenjewellery). The day ended with a group shot on the beach where Ruby and Dana were surrounded by their closest friends who all were wearing Kateri. The girls felt so privileged and are so thankful to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people who have been supporting them every step of the way.
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