Christmas orders within Australia will close on the 09th of December.



Vanessa Gullone (Sustainability):

Kateri the Label is proudly produced by Melbourne clothing manufacturer Vanessa Gullone. Vanessa Gullone uses a sustainable approach when pattern-making, grading, developing and producing our garments. She is ECA accredited, showing us her mission to be  sustainable is a major area for her work. We know the beautiful team producing Kateri the Label garments are protected workers in their rights in the workplace, are receiving the correct award rates and entitlements and are working in safe conditions. Both Ruby and Dana have worked closely with Vanessa herself throughout sampling and production and her company has proven her right to hold an ECA accreditation. 


Handmade at home:

Kateri the Label has previously worked closely with Vanessa Gullone but is now so excited to be stepping out and producing the majority of their garments in the comfort of their own home studio in Brunswick Heads. Garments will be made to order and all made piece by piece. 

We believe this will be the most sustainable option for us. We are not only excited to be making your garments with love, but to have less wastage in our studio to make our label even more conscious than it already is. A responsible decision ensuring we are only producing what is needed.